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  3. Hi Lunggwai, this was a known glitch/exploit people used to farm more points. The way you get into this glitch is to first kill the Sasquatch, save the game right after killing her, and then reload the same save game. The points remain and do not get taken away upon reloading the same save game. From what I know, you can simply kill her and move on with the mission. Not sure why you're not able to finish her off for good. The game is still way too buggy so I guess a new bug now?
  4. Hi Xantee! This is a known bug where it asks you to scan the tracks but gives a wrong marker location. The quest itself isn't bugged. Only the marker. So, all you have to do is go to the correct location. It's in the southern part of the map. See the attached image to find the location. I've circled the location in Green. Good luck!
  5. In the mission "life during wartime" and Scan the Tracks. My mission markers till me t go to NC to Scan the tracks. Nere to find Panama again and Scan tracks again, bit i cant remember where the AV crashed, anyone that can help me with the location?
  6. She got up and walked away on reload and when I down her again, she's un-killable. She's dead as far as the blood on the floor goes and I've emptied all ammo into her lifeless body but she's still showing as alive on the mini-map. Does anyone know how to get this to go away?
  7. Really hoping they decide to add these into the game in the future. I think people are right in saying that it was likely not in the game because it was an oversight. Maybe the testers were playing on a higher brightness level as well.
  8. Yeah I think it is. Bugs aside, the story is good and the gameplay is fun. At least, this is the case for me. I won't pretend it is one of the best games I ever played but it is certainly one of the best looking ones I have ever played.
  9. What more could they do at this point then try to save face and not be backed into a corner? They dug themselves pretty deep and while we can all see this, they have to appear to have things in control and not accept any accusations.
  10. I remember that too. I saw a meme over it. Well, more so a video gag at them. It showed what they implied the game would be and then what it looked like on PS4. It was terrible!
  11. Here is for USB transfers. I am pulling this from the Allgames Zone website:
  12. I hope they stick with this. I think what they have going now is perfect for what it is. I like that they have a whole look-book area too. Very nice work.
  13. A friend who plays on PC was using this when I was over. It looks really good! I was shocked. I mean I don't know how this stuff is coded and made but I love mods like this.
  14. You can read about this here: https://www.shacknews.com/article/122141/cyberpunk-2077s-issues-have-drawn-investigation-from-the-polish-government What the actual heck?? CDPR is in some real deep doo doo now. I did not see this coming. They might actually take a massive hit because of this. I thought it was going to be just lawsuits they had to worry about but the actual government getting involved is not a good sign.
  15. The way games are designed these days, function heavily based on updates and patches. You have the core of the game established and it is as easy as dropping some new codes in. I wouldn't worry about them not being able to fix it. The game has issues but it is far from broken.
  16. I saw a meme about Judy and Panam and was laughing. It was directed at being the male vs the female. Like the one was saying "Why won't you love me" to Judy as the male V and then the same from a female V to Panam. I wish I could remember where I saw it. I would have posted it.
  17. I get that these are meant to be easy to remember but I feel like it would have been better to use titles for certain things rather than numbers. That is just me though. Not like I can make use of them anyways. I am but a wee console peasant. lol
  18. It is hard to say. I think this all comes down to restrictions. If this COVID stuff keeps up, then yeah it will take them a lot longer. I am not sure what their offices in the US, UK, or Poland are up to though.
  19. I don't think it was THAT much. I have played a number of adult games though and while this seems to have more than other games, it still isn't shocking. At least it wasn't for me. I don't think of this stuff in games though.
  20. Someone I know over on reddit was keen that this was a fact and I tried telling him it wasn't. I guess it is easy to trick people these days because of social networks and media. I usually wait things out a few days or a few weeks until I have enough information on the subject. I assume things like this are false by default if there are no receipts though.
  21. Going to use this list over the weekend. I planned on collecting all this stuff this weekend but had to work an extra day and just didn't feel like playing anything. I am basically just working on collecting everything I missed and unlocking what I haven't unlocked now.
  22. Maybe they intended on having Judy be the straight character? Or they at least considered it. I don't know. I really don't care honestly. I think the fact that they have male V's voice giving sexual dialog with Judy left in the game doesn't mean anything.
  23. Very helpful! I don't get why stuff is so darn expensive in the game but I also have to wonder what they were thinking not to include previews of the items.
  24. I have a number of the items but haven't finished collecting them all. I wasn't sure how many were in the game so having the list helps. Not going to use the link though. I want to try and find everything on my own first before I give up.
  25. I need some source material. Too many rumors are spread like this these days, no offense. If this is true though, which it is very likely they have set up some sort of contract to get the game back on Sony, the 3 month mark seems weird.
  26. Yeah you could be right. Well at least I know how to do this now and was able to get the mode working. Thanks for posting that!
  27. I couldn't tell you. LOL I think most people believe it is but they are saying after updates and patches fix the major issues. I guess the same kind of responses on here can be read elsewhere online.
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