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  2. All this sounds like to me is that people over-hyped the crap out of the game to the point where their standards of quality bar has reached a level of being unattainable.
  3. Most big companies like this have money they can blow through and not really impact the business on a large scale but given the COVID-19 issues of this year, I can bet you that they lost more than they would have normally.
  4. I am going to say no. They were certain about only needing 3 more weeks so I am going to take their word for it, one last time. After that, I am just going to consider it a game that never comes out. lol
  5. Kip

    NPC Theft?

    Good to know. I didn't expect it to be a copy/paste system of GTA V. That game is like what, 8 years old at this point? They have better tech going into this game.
  6. I don't know who follows it here. I know some people don't care while others do... But because of this 4th delay, Cyberpunk's new release date pushes it back to no longer being qualified to win Game of the Year in 2020. I am going to guess that because they are out of the race, one of the other games that was big during lockdown will get it like Animal Crossing.
  7. I can sit here and get mad over it or I can just laugh about it and I am choosing to laugh. I have had enough crap happen in 2020 for this to just be a minor setback at this point. Not a big deal.
  8. The game is meant to be running on 8 different systems. Let that sink in for a sec. This is likely why they do things like this. To ensure the game runs well on all platforms.
  9. Ah so it is coming out for next gen this year? Well, "this year"... I want to include quotations. I think it will be pushed back until January or February of 2021.
  10. People are mentioning stealing from NPCs but what about NPCs stealing from us? Is that going to be a thing? I am actually curious like could you be walking the streets and night and someone tries and robs you?
  11. I remember seeing a thread like this on here and people were convinced it wouldn't happen but it has. Now I have to ask... What are the chances of ANOTHER one happening? I really feel like this game is not coming out this year at this point. Vote and share your thoughts.
  12. Even indie games do cuts. It all depends on budget and future plans for the game. Like mentioned by someone else, they could do cuts with DLC in mind too.
  13. Someone on Wiki got pretty mad. I mean, I think this is funny (read the image) but still I can get people getting frustrated. It is only an additional 21 days.
  14. I don't know how much advertisements cost on a larger scale but I can bet you it was not cheap. Even with the cuts from Covid-19, they likely spent a pretty penny on all of this.
  15. A lot of people are blaming Google for this. Saying the Stadia is the reason it got delayed but there is not solid proof on that. It is just a mess. Regardless of what the reason is/was, people are just let down.
  16. Even if there isn't an option, you could probably easily just skim through the options and just select at random and be done in like 2 minutes or less.
  17. Last week
  18. There is likely a contract in place that prevents them from releasing it early on PC. As for the releases, the game will be release worldwide for the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PC, and Google Stadia.
  19. I am seeing a lot of people lose their excitement over the game. I can understand why but some people are really overreacting. If you pull out your preorder and get refunded, that isn't just effecting them it is effecting everyone waiting for the game. If enough people do it, they will have to make budget cuts.
  20. That is just awful man. I can't imagine being that person right now. I am sure the person who runs the social media accounts had no idea this was going to happen. Probably feels horrible about this as well.
  21. You think they will be pulled? It would make more sense to just sell them. I don't remember if they had the date or not on them. I only had one and didn't bother keeping it. I drank it and threw it away.
  22. Looks like we will all be customizing V for an additional 21 days. lol In all seriousness, I am not surprised by the results thus far. I kind of thought more people would spend more time on V tbh.
  23. You are probably right but I think VR is still several years out from being anything special. I mean it is decent now but I think it will be another 10+ years before it is more mainstream. I don't know many people who have VR headsets still and it is 2020.
  24. I thought I would post this. It seems they want to have the game ready for the next gen consoles as well. They want to be able to have the game running smoothly on PC, current gen, and next gen. I didn't know they were getting the game ready for the next consoles. I assumed we wouldn't get those games for another year or something. Does this mean they will be releasing them this year for the PS5? Also, why couldn't they just release it for PC on time and wait for the other ones?
  25. Yup. We have to consider what will be a thing then. I actually like making comparisons to other shows and films that take place in the future. A lot of them have not touched completely on what Cyberpunk 2077 has.
  26. A lot. And I meant A LOT. Not to mentioned a lot of the fanbase is lashing out and likely pulling out of preorders if they can. This is a pretty big mess. I just hope they sort through it all.
  27. ^ Yeah I would say so. They spent tons of money on their advertisement campaign. I don't know what would cause it but we have to just chill out and be patient. I am sure they will speak out about it once the flames calm down a bit. A lot of people are VERY angry right now. I am disappointed, sure, but I am not going to get mad over it.
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